The Top 10 Job Sites In The UK

Searching for a new career and meaningful jobs can be difficult. There are hundreds of job sites and job boards that you can refer to, often with a high number of job offers.

It is easy to get overwhelmed and ultimately get lost in the thousands of job opportunities. To help you with your job hunt we have collected the top 10 job sites in the UK and some of the best job boards that will make your job hunt much easier.

1. Adzuna

Adzuna is one of the biggest job aggregators in the UK. That means that they search a large number of job offers on thousands of websites and save you a lot of time in finding relevant job offers. Another great feature is that Adzuna provides estimated salaries, so you have a rough idea of how much your new job is going to pay you.

2. Escape the City

Escape the City helps anyone looking for a career change finding job opportunities at charities, startups and companies solving exciting problems. Whether you are in the middle of your career or just graduated: Escape the City can help find some of the most exciting job offers. They also offer programmes and resources that help you with starting your own company and changing your career.

3. Guardian Jobs

The Guardian is known as one of the leading newspapers but also provides a broad range of jobs in its job section. You will be able to find technology & startup jobs, but also various other opportunities. Guardian Jobs should be high on the list for anybody looking for jobs in the UK.

4. 80,000 hours Job Board

80,000 hours helps people find jobs that are likely to have a massive impact on the world. While the job board doesn’t have too many job offers, the quality is mostly very high and relevant to people that are not looking for the ordinary career but want to make a difference.

5. Indeed

Indeed is one of the biggest global search engines for jobs, searching thousands of job boards and employer websites for opportunities. It’s easy to get lost in the high number of jobs, but it is definitely worth having a look and using filters to refine the search.

6. The Dots Jobs

Are you creative, a marketer or would like to work in the creative industry? The Dots provides jobs in the creative industry across the UK. The website also provides a community to get you inspired and connect you to creatives just like you. Check it out!

7. Work in Startups

One of the most popular job sites for startup jobs in London with regular updates. The website has recently been acquired by Adzuna, but still lists a number of opportunities at technology companies that are hard to find anywhere else.

8. Unicorn Hunt

Are you looking to join the next technology unicorn? Unicorn Hunt has a wide range of jobs, especially tech roles, so if you are a software developer, backend engineer or a data scientist, there might be a few good offers there for you.

9. Charity Job

Are you looking for opportunities at charities rather than technology startups or corporates? Charity Jobs is the biggest database of jobs in the non profit sector across the UK.

10. Realchangers

If you don’t only look for a ordinary job, but a career you are truly passionate about and that allows you to make an impact on the world, check out our very own platform, Realchangers. We list hundreds of vacancies at impact-driven technology companies that solve the world’s biggest problems.

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